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Ministry - Ministerial Secretariat

Minister of Transport
Minister of Transport:
Ms Dipuo Peters

  • To ensure and provide an effective support service to the Minister of Transport.
  • Liaise between the Ministry, Department and relevant stakeholders
  • Manage the tabling of draft acts and Departmental documents
  • Provide a support service to the Minister
  • Render a secretarial service to and promote the political bearer
Parliamentary Services and Stakeholder Management

The Parliamentary Office is the place where co-ordination between the Ministry and the Department is most sharply focused.
The Minister is in continuous interaction with Cabinet colleagues on issues of broad national policy.

At the same time, he is continuously engaged with the Director-General, DoT senior management and a wide range of industry stakeholders over issues of policy formulation and strategic delivery in the transport industry.

These debates and discussions periodically give rise to major new policy initiatives in the various sectors of transport, which typically take the form of Green Papers (broad consultative documents) and White Papers (more formalised statements of government policy). Once sufficient clarity and consensus have been built through the Green Paper / White Paper process, it is necessary to produce legislation to give effect to policy.
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