Minister assures the public that the winds of change will touch every sector in transport Minister assures the public that the winds of change will touch every sector in transport

Minister of Transport, Mr Fikile Mbalula
during his budget vote speech
address in Parliament, Cape Town

The Minister of Transport, Mr Fikile Mbalula, has promised to transform all modes of Transport to make them better and efficeint

Minister Mbalula was speaking during his budget vote speech on 09 July 2019 in Parliament, Cape Town

In his speech, the Minister dealt with all the critical issues that affected the department and provided a plan of action for each. He mentioned train problems, transformation of maritime industry, civil aviation, public transport, road safety and e-tolls.

This is what he said on some of the critical areas facing the department:


“Specific targets that must be realised in the next 100 days include improving on-time performance of Metrorail from 73.3% to 85%. Achieving efficiencies in rail will go a long way towards addressing challenges brought about by congestion on our road network.”

Road Safety

“We must all support the measure to change traffic policing from an 8 to 5 working day and a 5-day working week to a 24-hour working day and a 7 day working week. Among the interventions to deal a decisive blow to lawlessness on our roads, is the long-awaited implementation of the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (AARTO).”

Public Transport

“During the course of this year, new phases of the Integrated Public Transport Networks (IPTNs) will be coming on-stream with buses operating in areas where there were none before. This is particularly important for our townships, which continue to bear the brunt of apartheid spatial planning.”

Maritime and Civil Aviation

“Aviation and Maritime sectors remain the exclusive preserve of the privileged few. To address the slow pace of transformation in the civil aviation sector, the South African Civil Aviation Authority launched a bursary scheme to create opportunities for young, black and deserving learners to study towards becoming Pilots, Aeronautical Engineers, Aircraft Mechanics.”

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