Transport Sector B-BBEE Charter Council


On the 6th of November 2014, Cabinet released a statement noting the appointment of the Transport Sector B-BBEE Charter Council members. The Minister of Transport, formally launched the council and its chairperson, Mr Randall Howard, by unveiling it to the public on the 11th of December 2014.the council is made up of sixteen main members and sixteen alternate members. Some of the key mandates for the council are as below:

  • To facilitate implementation of programmes that fast-track Broad Based BEE in the Transport Sector in order to ensure that a favourable environment for Broad-Based BEE to flourish exists;
  • To advise the Minister on BEE related legislative and regulatory developments;
  • To facilitate the communication and popularization of the charter and scorecard;
  • To provide interpretation and guidance with respect to the Charter and Scorecard;
  • To facilitate the provision of practical implementation support to the industry; and
  • To liaise with DTI accredited agencies to monitor the Charter and Scorecard implementation.

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