Minister Maswanganyi engaged on SANRAL / Power FM Road Safety Dialogue Minister Maswanganyi engaged on SANRAL / Power FM Road Safety Dialogue

Minister Maswanganyi delivering
keynote address at Road Safety

Power FM hosted a panel discussion session along with the Department of transport in partnership with South African National Roads Agency Ltd (SANRAL), on the 25 of May 2017. The focal point of the discussion was about road safety education and awareness.

Road safety continues to be a major challenge in the country, as the number of road fatalities increases on a daily basis. The department of transport tries by all means to engage and interact with the public/communities by initiating road safety programs to create awareness. The Minister of transport, Joe Maswangwanyi emphasized on the department intending on investing in Ocean economy needs.

The Minister highlighted education and health as the key points of the governmental policy. In addition to this, the Minister made a point of clarity that the department of transport is investing in human development and education not policing. In terms of having to deploy more law enforcement who will also be operating a 24 hour service, the minister had to remind the audience and listeners that too much law enforcement will not only be the solution to improving and decreasing road fatalities but road campaigns and awareness will also contribute to the change.

It is realized that the amount of trucks in South Africa is a lot, therefore, the regulation of trucks is needed to also enforce tight laws for truck drivers and owners. Furthermore on the law enforcement, the demerit system will also come into place for challenges such as not abiding the road safety laws, which is include drinking and diving; and driving beyond the speed limit. This also adds on the vehicles and trucks that are road unworthy and not fit to drive will also be impounded since they are the main cause of the road fatalities. 

Minister, Joe Maswanganyi alerted people to be aware that road fatalities does have an impact in the societies, therefore, it must be known that one life is too many, and road accidents bring pain to the families and also cost a lot of money to the government. The Minister has urged people to change their behavior and attitude on the roads when driving.  In addition to this, the Minister has also pleaded with the taxi drivers to have valid pick up points and drop off zones, but not by stopping anywhere. This can also help to reduce accidents. It is has been announced by the Minister of transport that the road laws must be tighten by also introducing the driving education in the high school level.


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