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How To Make United Airlines Reservations?

United Airlines is known to provide the best service to millions of passengers every year. It connects to more than 370 destinations that are spread across 58 countries worldwide. It was established in 1926 and since then has achieved a lot of success and became one of the largest airlines in the United States. If you are planning to make a flight booking, try making them using United Airlines Reservations options for the best deals and offers. 


Ways to make a United Airlines reservation


Passengers who are planning to make a booking with United Airlines have various ways to make the reservation. Let’s find out what are they:


Travellers have the option to make the reservation online by visiting the official website of Spirit Airlines. Select the desired destinations and dates for your flight and make the booking from the comfort of your home. 


Travellers can call the customers to care department of the airlines and ask the representative to make the booking according to your preferences.


Customers can even take the help of the travel agents to make their Spirit Airlines Reservations.


Check-in Policy of United Airlines


United Airlines makes travelling more comfortable and offers its customers an online check-in service that is available 24 hours before the flight departure. 


  • Do not forget to arrive at the Airport with all the reservation documents, in addition to the photo ID and passport or visa.

  • Passengers have the option to select their preferred seats without any additional cost and even change to their preferred class after making the extra payments. 

  • If you have any queries, check the sales conditions or contact their customer care department for more information regarding your United Airlines flight. 


Baggage Policy of United Airlines


Your luggage can be checked in the hold of the plane as long as its dimensions do not exceed 158 cm in total. 

The weight of the authorized luggage depends on the destination and even on the class that has been chosen or the ticket price. 


Each passenger can check in a suitcase in the hold on the plane, spending on the different fare conditions. 

Families travelling with United Airlines operated flights can check in a stroller or a handbag in the hold of the aircraft. 


  • If you have a disability or if mobility is reduced, United Airlines has an assistance system that will facilitate your access on board. Contact the company 48 hours before flight departure to enjoy this service. The wheelchair can also be checked in for free at check-in or the gate.
  • United Airlines accepts billing for sports equipment. Depending on the equipment being transported, an additional charge will apply.

Hand luggage

  • When travelling on board a United Airlines plane, you can take a piece of hand luggage of a size less than or equal to 115 cm in total (height + length + width).
  • The weight of the cabin luggage cannot exceed 10 kilos.
  • Each passenger can travel with one piece of cabin baggage, regardless of the reservation and the fare conditions.


Hence it is imperative to read the United Airlines Reservations policies to have a hassle-free journey. 


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