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How to choose Generic Viagra Quality

Generic Viagra has been very successful in last few years. The reason simply is because of low cost and same effectiveness of Generic Viagra’s as compared to Branded Vigra’s. These Generic Viagra’s are sold under many different names on many online pharmacies. Moreover, you will find different many Viagra’s named generic Viagra’s on many different online pharmacies, under different -different names and also under many brands. But How can one ensure that the Viagra which he is taking is the best? Most important question which comes in everyone’s mind is that, which Viagra is most similar to the original Viagra manufactured by Pfizer?

This is the most common asked question asked by our customers, and we at ,makes a call, and suggest our customers, or everyone who buy Generic Viagra, online is that please first check the security of the website, that is offering you Generic Viagra. Secure websites online, provides you guarantees, about their products strength, and We at gives you guaranteed satisfaction of all our medicines.

Another important notice: fake Viagra is sold on many sites. These are Chinese copies that contain no trace of sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient of Viagra, and these products can be harmful to health. So, first of all be sure that generic Viagra pills are produced in India and not China or other countries.

At this point we are trying to understand which the best generic Viagra is. Obviously, to see if Viagra is safe, you need to know if the pharmaceutical company that produces it is safe. At present, after more studies and researches on the internet on various Indian and U.S sites and forums, it was established that the most reliable companies producing generic Viagra are: Ajanta Pharma, Vipro, Sunrise Remedies, Ranbaxy, Cipla and Aurochem.

These pharmaceutical companies are changing the name of each generic product. So do not be afraid when you hear names like Silagra, Kamagra and other names ending with “-agra” because these are pills containing sildenafil citrate, produced by different pharmaceutical companies.


Generic Viagra medications improve sexual pleasure in men who are suffering from Sexual dysfunction. Today many people all over the world are suffering from ED or impotence, which causes erection failure in men. Erection problem are a reason to be ashamed especially for men. The main reason for the erection problem in men is due to lack of blood supply in penis, which can be due to many reasons like old age, diabetes some time physical weakness can also be reason for impotence. All men who are suffering from Erection problem can either opt for surgery or can go for, medications for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Medicines likes of Viagra and its generic Viagra which are called Generic Viagra’s are most common for impotence treatment.

Generic Viagra are oral medication, and these medicines improve sexual activity in men. First revolution for impotence treatment was Viagra which came to market in 1998. Viagra was a revolutionary medicine for people who were suffering from Erection problem. Viagra was very effective and was effective for 4 to 6 hours, but the only major concern regarding Viagra was that it was very expensive, and this was the reason common men was not able to afford Viagra.  Thus the new medicines were manufactured which were as effective as Viagra, called Generic Viagra and are affordable for common men.

Both Viagra as well as Generic Viagra contains Sildenafil as the active constituent and in same concentration as present in the branded Viagra. Generic Viagra costs very low comparison to the original Viagra and another advantage of Generic Viagra is that it is same effective as the original Viagra. Sex is an integral part of one’s life.  Age plays a major role in ones sexual life, and influences the sexual drive of man to a great extent. Generally Young men prefer more sex, middle age men are slightly less than the younger men when it comes to sex. Men with older age don’t enjoy sex very much as compared to the young and middle age men because of the erection failures thus old men can go for Generic Viagra to get the strong and hard erections that will last for the longer time during the sexual intercourse.

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