Deputy Minister of Transport

Deputy Minister Mangcu is a South African Member of Parliament (MP) and recently appointed Deputy Minister of Transport. Minister Mangcu is no stranger to the transport fraternity and his experience in the transport industry dates far back into the late 1980s where he started off in the very humble ranks as a traffic officer in the Eastern Cape.

Mr Mangcu then joined the National department of transport in 1998 and served until 2004 when he received his next assignment in the provincial department of transport in Mpumalanga. Owing to his meticulous contribution in the transport fraternity, Mr. Mangcu heeded the call to join the City of Tshwane municipality as head of transport and shortly after was entrusted with a greater responsibility to lead the city as the Deputy City Manager.

Mr. Mangcu served as a Deputy City Manager from 2010 and later became a member of Parliament in 2019. As member of parliament, Mr. Mangcu served in the Transport Portfolio Committee and later chaired the committee. Mr. Mangcu has been a member of Parliament and Chairperson of the transport committee until he was appointed Deputy Minister of Transport on 6 March 2023. It is with no doubt that Mr. Mangcu hones vast experience in all ranks of the transport industry from junior level right up until the executive. He has been there!