A significant development in South African infrastructure occurred on Saturday, 10 February 2024, when the Minister of Transport, Ms. Sindisiwe Chikunga handed over 300 Shova-Kalula Bicycles to seven (7) schools in Dumbe Municipality.

The Shova-Kalula Bicylce programme is an initiative of the Department of Transport and is aimed at assisting learners who walk a distance of 3km to 5km to and from school to access basic education. Amongst the schools that benefited from this programme is the Bilanyoni Primary school, which is also part of the municipality.

Minister Chikunga also hosted a cycling safety education and a career exhibition with the learners at Bilanyoni Primary School. Additionally, local residents had the opportunity to interact with government officials, illustrating the government’s commitment to taking into account citizen feedback in order to enhance public services in a collaborative manner.

The Minister also participated in the repairing of potholes on Tholakele Road (P271) to create a smoother surface for students riding bicycles to school. This action not only showcased the government’s dedication to enhancing the road infrastructure, but also aimed to improve travel conditions and boost economic prospects in the area.

Minister Chikunga highlighted the significance of educating students on topics concerning road safety and security. “We teach them on issues related to road safety and their security. For instance, we advise that they should ride their bicycles in groups than just an individual learner riding a distance on their own, because then, the criminals may pounce on those learners.” Said the Minister of Transport.